Is Hip Seat Baby Carrier a Better Choice for Heavier Toddler?


When your child becomes little heavier, it put lots of strain on your shoulder and back with an ordinary baby carrier. But with a hip seat carrier, you can carry your toddler on both side of your body in the hip carry position. Carrying a toddler on your hip is one of the best and easiest methods of transporting them, that puts least strain on your body.

Why Use Hip Seat Baby Carrier

There are many benefits of using hip seat baby carrier over an ordinary baby carrier. Carrying a baby on hip seat, allows your baby to see around while being close with mom or day. It is the most natural position for the baby to be in. It is also beneficial for the parents as carrying the baby on either side of the hip helps distribute the baby weight around your waist and pelvic region. In this position, the least pressure is applied to both your back and shoulders. You can easily carry baby of about 40 pounds on hip seat baby carrier.

best hip seat baby carrier 2020

In most of the top hip seat baby carriers, the hip seat can easily be detached from the baby carrier and used separately. Use it alone as an infant feeding or nursing support wedge, which can be very convenient when you are outside. The detachable hip seat also works as extra support for heavier toddlers. When looking for the best hip seat baby carrier for your baby, make sure it is comfort for both you and your baby. Look for wide straps and a thickly padded seat. Also make sure that your baby’s legs will be in the hip-healthy ‘m’ or frog-leg position too.

Reviews of some of the best hip seat baby carriers.

Tough Traveler PalMino Backpack Carrier

The Tough Traveler Pal’Mino is designed for light hiking and walking. So from the start, we planned to use this backpack for a day trip rather than a weeklong trek through the wilderness. To begin our day, we tucked baby into the Tough Traveler Pal’Mino, and tackled the most extreme of circumstances: the grocery store during naptime. The experience couldn’t have been more beautiful. Rather than having a fussy, uncomfortable baby reaching for items on store shelves — or worse yet, falling asleep in a germ-ridden store cart — we had a leisurely shopping trip with a snoozing baby cuddled into the Pal’Mino backpack. The backpack’s five-point harness is easy to adjust, and seems comfortable for baby.

We then went for a mid-day walk through a local museum and found that the backpack keeps baby secure, but also gives her a vantage point she enjoys. We definitely keep her entertained much longer when she is happily viewing the world from the Pal’Mino backpack. Plus, we find the backpack fits the wearer as comfortably during hour three as it did on minute one. It has padded shoulder straps and a padded waist strap. A sternum strap helps keep everything in place. The frame includes a footrest for young children and stirrups can be added for toddlers. The Pal’Mino also has under-seat storage and a kickstand for solo baby loading.

The day of testing ended with a long stroll along a scenic walking path, and the pleasant absence of an aching back. We did, however, notice there is not a canopy to protect the child from weather conditions. Overall, we find the Tough Traveler Pal’Mino Backpack Carrier is lightweight, easy to adjust and comfortable for both wearer and baby.

Pros: Mid-price range, five-point harness, padded straps
Cons: Canopy not included

Baby Carrier for Twins. Weego Twin Baby Carrier

This Twin Baby Carrier is intended for use with infants during the first few months and enables you to carry both twin babies together on your front. This not only allows you to give both of your babies a lot of closeness and physical contact but also facilitates the ability to do everyday activities like shopping or going for walks without having to take your twin buggy or pram along too !

The Weego Twin Baby Carrier can be used from birth upwards – starting at a weight of the babies of 1.6kg (3.5lbs). This makes the Weego Twin Baby Carrier also suitable for use with premature babies (the average weight of twins at 37 weeks is 5.5lbs). Depending on the weight and size of the babies it can be used until the twins are approximately 6-9 months old or up to 35lbs in total (8kg per baby). Now with FREE protective carrying bag when not in use and for travel.

The double pouch construction of the Weego Twin Baby Carrier features an inner and outer pouch for each baby to make sure both babies are always secure, comfortable and cosy. The Weego TWIN easily adjusts for growing babies and to fit different people carrying them (from 5′2″ slim frame to 6′3″ broad frame). To see an interactive detailed diagram of the construction go to :

The Weego Twin Baby Carrier is made of soft and light navy cotton twill with blue and green plaid lining. The Weego is machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperature.

Twin Babies love to be carried !

During pregnancy, the babies experience closeness to its mother through her heartbeat, motion and voice. After birth, the babies thrive through close physical contact. Giving your children this physical closeness as often as you can will contribute to happy and healthy development.

Scientific research proves that children carried frequently are not only more content and cry less but carrying also:

* Supports the bonding between parent and child(ren).
* Promotes the development of personality and self-confidence.
* Supports the development of linguistic abilities and motor skills.

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