Looking for Lightweight Umbrella Strollers?


Umbrella strollers have won rave reviews and are regarded as the best among the lightweight strollers. Maclaren umbrella strollers are considered the best umbrella stroller today. Majority of these strollers have the same basic design. The features are more in the ones that are costlier. These are excellent to move around and sport a very stylish look. Parents are of the opinion that though they cost more. It is worth buying it over the cheaper varieties.

The Maclaren Triumph has all the features a parent will be anxious to have in the umbrella stroller. It is very durable. The Maclaren Volo has a canopy basket carry strap and a sunshade. Maclaren offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. However, second buyers, hand-me down accidents, wear and tear are not part of this warranty. The seat can be removed and washed as well. It is not made of fabric but polyester mesh. The Volo is not equipped with a reclining seat. Volo is not as stable as the other Maclaren strollers.

The Maclaren Quest is almost similar to the Maclaren Triumph. It is more expensive as you get an extra window in the canopy and the leg rest that can be extended. The Quest is gorgeous. It comes in two versions- the Sport and the Mod.

Maclaren features at an affordable rate can be found in Chicco Liteway. It can recline completely to accommodate a new born baby. It is easy to use and handle with one hand. Though it cannot heavier loads, it is appreciated as it is very user friendly. There is a storage basket, a canopy that can be adjusted, a peeping window, a cup holder. The storage basket can be made in to a backpack for the parents. However some parents feel that it is not all that durable. Its wheels wear away quickly.

The Uppa Baby G-Lite is among the best umbrella stroller. Its mesh seat and washable seat pad. It does not recline. It is ideal for babies of 6 months or even older .The Uppa Baby G-luxe has bigger wheels and a cup holder. Some parents have appreciated the fact that if parts are broken, Uppa Baby has sent replacements almost immediately.

Both Maclaren and Uppa baby are the two best umbrella stroller brands at present. These are easy to use and good to move around. They ensure safety of the bay and they are stable. Search the internet; you will get all the details of the various types of umbrella strollers under this brand name. They have all distinctive features based on their price. Chose the one that has features which will prove to be beneficial for you and something which you can handle independently.
Give your baby the best you can as far as comfort, safety is concerned. They will appreciate your gesture in their own way. You will be able to sense their happiness as you take them along with you to places. Have a joy ride.

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