Neck Pain And How You Can Reduce Pain Naturally


If you do not have nerve pain somewhere in your body, be entirely grateful. Nerve pain is a condition that can be sneaky and tenacious once the sciatica nerve group or femoral nerve or cervical complex of nerves arrive in a burning, tingling or numbing form. The time to do corrective postural exercises is NOW, when you are more easily able to make postural changes to your body. If you do have a lit up nerve, you can, of course, get past this aggravation, but much better to prevent it before it strikes. I have often realized that pain are aberrations that can be easily treated if the body is permitted to do its work. If you are in pain, first you need to understand how the physical dynamics of the pain started. Then you need to have a structured plan to reverse those harmful dynamics that source your pain.

Neck Pain And Its Treatment

Neck pain can be a debilitating condition for many, one that is growing as increasing numbers of the population spend hours in contorted postures in front of computers. Spinal pain can occur from sudden movement, overuse, or a multitude of other reasons. Neck pain is often a sign of a more serious injury and should be looked at by a doctor in case it is something more serious or a disease like Torticollis. Neck pain symptoms can start out minor and grow in their severity and in any case where the pain is not relieved shortly or continues for days or weeks there is a greater chance of lingering damage if the situation isn’t looked at by a professional. Though relieving severe neck pain might be the first thing on your mind often without help this may only be a temporary fix.

There are several options for neck pain treatment, though they all depend on finding what is the cause of the neck pain. Use of a neck pillow or neck massage can also help in reducing neck pain. Massaging causes increased blood flow and oxygen which helps reduce pain and inflammation. Massage of your neck may exacerbate symptoms at first, but gentle massage of your hands, legs and back proves to reduce considerably pain in the neck. A neck massager can be very helpful in this regard, you can check out some top quality neck massager of 2019 here.

It is important to see a doctor if you are unable to touch your chin to your chest, have pain or weakness in the arm, or a change in bladder habits as this can be a sign of more serious conditions. Muscle strains are the most common cause of severe stiff neck, they can occur even while you sleep if you jerk suddenly or from a variety of actions such as sports or spending too long in one position such as driving.

Natural Method For Reducing Neck Pain

You must do your part, however. Any artifice except what is natural cannot measure up to your original blueprint from birth. Your health depends on the rediscovery of your body’s proper alignment, not on man-made reinvention through an artificial device, surgery, cortisone shot, pill, site-specific therapy, or some magical substance promising to take the pain away. Instead, can you see that the body is a unit and must be addressed in total to heal from pain? Your health will come through therapeutic motion. Such motion is full-body coverage, designed to reverse the ill effects of all of the incorrect movement or continuous sitting that you have done until now.

Pain is a form of high priority commitment. It warns you of impending danger. It causes inadequate motion. Your body, however, needs to be a motion machine. Chronic sitting or tedious, repetitive motion destroy your body’s inherent right to health. Diverse, prescribed motion is your fix. Because the spinal S-Curve naturally sags with gravity and poor use, your body’s functions need to be restored by regular use of correct movements. Without stimulation, muscles atrophy and pain becomes normal. As a consequence, the body cleverly borrows another muscle to get the job done: it improvises to survive. This need to survive keeps finding minor muscles to do the work of major muscles that can no longer work at their maximum strength. But these peripheral muscles lack power and design to do the work of major muscles. They take a beating. Dysfunction leads to more dysfunction as the body searches for substitute muscles and their ingenious but faulty combos.

The result is misalignment of your load-bearing joints and resulting chronic pain. When the body’s balance is disrupted, only pain can follow. All compensations find a distorted way to work together, both up and down and left to right. Your ground of being is distorted and your dynamic tension is thrown off. You might feel stiff, you have an ache, you do less, you feel more tension, you struggle to take a first step, you awaken with pain, you feel tingling, your neck is stiff, you become frustrated, your wrist hurts, you are down. No matter where you are in the world of your unique postural stress or pain, you can take action to reclaim your postural power.

Take the time to reverse this downward spiral. Aren’t you worth everything you’ve got? Don’t you deserve to have full function with every body part? Wouldn’t you like to move through your day with lightness? Doesn’t it sound heavenly to simply appreciate the wonder of your healthy body?

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